Send us feedback or raise a complaint

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Why is this helpful?

  • Feedback

    Every day, we strive to do better than the last on. Your feedback will help us and we see it as an integral corner stone to improve thing here at Choice Backpackers.

  • Complaint

    Staying in backpackers is fun but living away from home on close space together with people you might have never met before with foreign customs can be difficult. We are trained in negotiating between people, especially when coming from different cultures.

    Our 24/7 reception should be the first point to visit in case of any issues. If you desire so, our receptionist will file a formal complaint that will be reviewed by the complaints and general management.

    We also understand that there are times when you do not want to raise a complaint in person – maybe you have already left and enjoy another part of New Zealand. In that case please use the form on this page to raise your complaint. It will be dealt with like one that has been filed in person at our reception.

    Please allow 5 business days for an appropriate review and a final decision. We usually send you our reply by email to the address stated in the complaint.