COVID-19 Information for Guests
Last updated: 16/06/2020 15:49 pm NZST

Important message from the New Zealand Ministry of Health

Kia ora, welcome to New Zealand.

If you get sick within a month of arriving in New Zealand, please seek medical advice as soon as you can. Telephone the free Healthline on 0800 611 116 or contact a doctor. It is important to tell them that you have been outside New Zealand recently.

Tell the health professional if you have a temperature of 38° C or higher and one or more of the following symptoms: ongoing coughing • difficulty breathing • ongoing diarrhoea • ongoing vomiting • skin rash • bruising or bleeding without injury • looking obviously unwell • confusion.

General Information under Covid-19 Alert Level 1

The following restrictions apply to ALL reservations that have not checked-in yet:

  • Guests with cold or flu like symptoms will not be checked-in at the moment

Information for Guests making a new reservation

We are open and are taking new reservations.


  • Guests having a confirmed check-in date of up to 31/03/2021, deciding to postpone their travel, will be offered a free change of their arrival date or issued room credit to be used at a later point in time, reflecting 100 % of their room rate
  • Monetary refunds are based on the rate plan and/or the cancellation policy of the individual reservation


We are referring to and use the following wording interchangeably:

  • COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019)
  • SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)
  • (novel) Coronavirus


Despite all efforts made, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on this website.

Alternative terms may apply for reservations made through third party booking websites (OTA).